• Websites for Travel Agencies

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  • E-Commerce websites

    Platform for online sales, trade-only products. Essential items for the marketing of various items and categories. A business link , available 24 hours a day filling the role of seller without generating maximum effort, and expense and accessible for boaters from around the country and the world. Lets expose catalogs and product lines with details, descriptions and characteristics. It may be useful for providers who wish to boost sales at the wholesale or retail, as well as for outstanding handicrafts or differential. You can stimulate the interest of third parties to sell merchandise. It offers the opportunity for consultation and means of payment. Is functional for private sellers to large and medium enterprises. Fits all types of category: textile clothing, footwear, haberdashery, household appliances, automobiles, auto parts, real estate, audio and video, computing.

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  • Human Resources Websites

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  • E-Goverment and Campaigns websites

    Internet is the way increasingly used for this purpose. Plenty of opportunities, applications, economic performance and range. It opens the door to establish proper communication of the message to be conveyed, raise funds or recruit volunteers. It is an easily accessible resource which can be adapted to the imagination and desires of the perpetrator. Creating a web site offers a variety of alternatives to carry out a campaign of general and political nature. The web space works with the efforts to be made in exposing ideologies, patterns, plans, as well as the amendment or correction to the inclination of an idea. As a source of communication is strongly influenced, easy access and generates high impact on society. Important impact, enables participation, such as exchange of positions on-line comments. Stares at the target, keeping in touch despite the distances. Take care, places and features the image of the applicant or entity, imbued with all its qualities and features to achieve its recognition and recall in the target audience.

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ezink · design and development of web solutions

Makes your internet presence simple

ezink | design and developement of web solutions, is an integrating Company of Web Solutions. Since its founding in 1999 under the name RCNet Argentina, it has experienced a fast growth in the market of information technology, both locally and internationally.

It currently has a team formed by 90% of computer professionals, web designers, marketing and outreach workers.

In 2007 RCNet Argentina in a process of change is renamed as ezink | design and development of web solutions.


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ezink | design and development of web solutions

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